Pasta & Risotto

Penne Arrabiata (v) £8.50
Pasta tossed in a spicy tomato and garlic sauce

Lakeside penne £10.50
Grilled chicken, sliced mushroom with a fresh cream and white wine pesto sauce

Classic beef lasagne £11.95
Served with a mixed side salad

Spaghetti bolognese £10.50
Mined beef and a home-made tomato sauce

Tagliatelle £12.50
Salmon, cream & tomato white wine sauce

Spaghetti carbonara £9.95
Tossed in a creamy parmesan sauce, bacon, topped with a fried hens egg

King Prawn linguini £12.50
Selection of seafood tossed in a hint of tomato and chilli sauce and white wine

Meatballs £10.25
Spicy meatballs with bacon and garlic tagliatelle

Breast of duck £11.95
Tagliatelle pasta, porchini mushrooms and cream sauce

King Prawn risotto £12.25
A selection of seafood served in a tomato sauce

Mushroom risotto (v) £11.50
In a creamy white wine sauce and parmesan


Service charge is not included and is at your discretion, we cannot guarantee traces of nuts.

(v) = Vegetarian dishes

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